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Fashion Lady Siberian Fluffy 100%3D Real Mink Fur Strip Lashes China Best Supplier 3D Mink Fur Eyelashes

Fashion Lady Siberian Fluffy 100%3D Real Mink Fur Strip Lashes China Best Supplier 3D Mink Fur Eyelashes

Products Description: Genuine Siberain mink or sable fur from our local farm with trimmed raw material totally cruelty-free, no harm to the animals. After high temperature sterilizing condition to guarantee the mink eyelashes clear and safe for customers. Each pair of the lashes' production...

Our Luxury 3D Mink Eyelashes are made with 100% genuine mink fur that are hand comb and hand assembled to ensure quality and durability in every lash.

3D styles:

we can make 3D styles with all of our Luxury mink fur styles ;




With private logo and box


Natural black color 





*Up to 25 times with careful care. 
*Lightweight .They make you feel the false lashes grown on your own eyelid. 
*Each fur has a natural beautiful tip. 
*Each lash has a natural curve on the band ,just like your own eyelid shape .You don’t have to carve the band like you do on the synthetic.

How to apply 3D Mink Fur Lashes with Cotton Band?


Step 1: Apply mascara

"Curl natural lashes and comb on a coat of mascara, creating a shelf to support the weight of your falsies." And maybe try to look a little less dead in the eyes than I do?

Step 2: Cut to fit

"Cut the lash band right down the center to create a large individual lash. It's easier to place than a full lash strip, which can become wonky and weird and asymmetrical."

Step 3: Add adhesive

Trace each lash band, one by one, with a laser-thin line of Duo .and wait a few moments for the adhesive to dry a bit.

Step 4: Put 'em on

Using your fingers, not tweezers, "place your extension on the outer corner first, hugging that lash line tight." For an eye-lifting effect, places the outer extension slightly above the natural lash line.

Before & After

photobank (1).jpg

Our Advantage:

1. Made with new technique, cotton band for our 3D Mink Fur Eyelashes is very thin and soft and comfortable, More Natural ;

2. We only select top quality Mink fur material from Siberian or Canadian ,it is more natural, glossy and vitality;

3.Strip/Band:Cotton band that does not irritate the eyes ,

strong cotton band: reuse over 25 times;

4. ODM/OEM service: make any style private label packaging as custom description or custom picture; we can make sample in 5 days;

5. we have some unique style in the world, only our factory can make them; now we have over 200 styles , and design new styles each week; we also can copy any styles as customer's sample;

6. Fast delivery: 20 days for 10,000 pairs;

7. MOQ: 20pairs each styles

8. Sample: we can supply 3 pairs free sample to test quality, charge $35 shiping cost;

9. OEM service : make any style private label package with your logo, we have many fashion unique style tray and boxes

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