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Jade Stone Glue Pallet Holder for Eyelash Extension Top Grade Lash Holder

Jade Stone Glue Pallet Holder for Eyelash Extension Top Grade Lash Holder

Eyelash Extension Strip Lash Holder Speed up our application by working closer to the client. Add a glue ring to the next finger and you are all set. Fantastic for rapid lash techniques too or, take off the top part and just use the glue ring. Will hold 10-30strips of lashes. Glue Ring Strip...

Glue Ring Strip Eyelash Holder Pallet Set for Eyelash Extensions Eyebrow EXTENSIONS

1.hole eyelash glue ,help to engrafting 
2. material : plastic                
3.Can adjust the size according to hand size

(Lash Ring)


FOB Qingdao USD2.5/PIECE

Packaging:1 piece per pack

Natural Jade Stone Glue Adhesive Lash Holder Lash Pallet

Crystal Glass Stone Glue & Lashes Holder -Square plate Crystal Plate

Crystal stone (square or polygon) is used during individual eyelash extensions procedure.

Its function is to hold glue cool and prevent it from drying up for longer period during the procedure. Glue is placed on the crystal stone just before the procedure. After use, this stone needs to be cleaned.

Polygon shaped crystal stone measurements:

Top (working surface): 4.5cm;

Bottom (non-working surface): 5.4cm.

Square shaped crystal stone measurements:

Top (working surface): 5.0cm;

Bottom (non-working surface): 5.0cm.

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